Bucket List

… And this list just keeps on increasing!

1. Don’t talk at all for a day and use only sign language to communicate.

2. Learn how to say “I love you” in 7 different languages.

3. Convince some customer in a mall that I am one of the saleswomen.

4. Wear a Lady Gaga style outfit one day.

5. Dress as Santa Claus.

6. Ride a horse on my own.

7. Get my driving license.

8. Fake somebody else’s voice on the phone.

9. Make-up some of my own words and fool someone by insisting that they are real words.

10. Spontaneously decide to go on a road trip.

11. Make a prank call to someone and get them to buy the fact that I am some long-lost relative of theirs.

12. Convince someone that I can speak a particular language that I don’t actually know.

13. Learn how to play the guitar.

14. Become a muse for someone’s poems/songs.

15. Wear a sexy red saree.

16. Have vanilla ice cream with bournvita.

17. Speak “shudh” (Pure) Hindi for a day.

18. Go bungee jumping.

19. Visit Bengaluru.

20. Get a guy to wear a baby-pink shirt.

21. Paint some weird thing up and try to sell it off as “abstract art”.

22. Update my Facebook status 5 times in a day.

23. Scare someone by acting like a Ghost.

24. Start singing like crazy in the middle of the street.

25. Send my parents on a world tour.

26. Buy an apartment in the “Dynamic” building in Dubai.

27. Wear my school uniform for exactly 24 hours.

28. Have a white wedding. πŸ˜€

29. Have red highlighted hair.

30. Go to a Prom night.

31. Visit all the wonders of the world.

32. Fly in a hot air balloon.

33. Witness a solar eclipse.

34. Win a lucky draw.

35. Have a food fight.

36. Get an extreme make-over.

37. Sleep on a basketball court.

38. Do a somersault.

39. Visit a palace.

40. Write a personal diary and read it after a long time.

41. Have a secret admirer.

42. Sleep for 24 hours straight.

43.Β Have theme music follow me for a day. Like in a movie.

44. Swim with sharks.

45. Live in a chocolate house.

46. Read every one of the 127476939383549 books that I own.

47. Walk underwater.

48.Β Strike up a conversation with a stranger at a cafΓ©.

49. Write a song.

50. Meet Taylor Swift.

51. Write a book.

52. Eat fortune cookies.

Β 53. Fall in love.

It always seems impossible till it is done.


14 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hey, Janvi. I stumbled upon your blog and it’s refreshing to say the least. The list is supercool. I have also thought of making a bucket list but have not got around to it till now. This is definitely an inspiration. πŸ™‚


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