Claiming Freedom

I would like the freedom to be considered
conventionally beautiful,
despite my color;
Or to be judged for the experiences
I have had,
not the mistakes I have made;
To be acknowledged as someone with ambitions
and not just the kind that
involve a kitchen and some kids;
To study something that is not traditional,
without being asked about grades
or why I chose this life;
And to love a book, band or boy,
without being shamed,
just because I am a teenage girl;
To be considered moody or irrational,
just because I am,
without the monthly “crimson curse” being blamed.
I would like a freedom
where I am not fit into a stereotype
the way one fits words on a paper
that is already heavy.
There is always something that is missed out.
I would like the freedom to not be trapped in a cage
wondering how to be content in a world
where I am expected to fight
for what I do not possess.


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