Being Optimistic Versus Being Realistic

College admissions – When you decide where you want to spend the best three/four/five years of your life. Unfortunately, chances are, a thousand others want to spend those years in the same place. So, here you are, battling with students from across the country (and sometimes the world too), just for that one seat. Five thousand students and hundred seats. The odds probably are not in your favor.

So, you write a statement of purpose, appear for the entrance exam, give an interview and do what? Wait to hear if you’ve got into your dream college.

Waiting is the worst part because you want to tell yourself that you’ll get in, you have complete faith in your abilities, you deserve being in that college, you belong there, it’s everything to you. But you don’t want to raise your hopes high either, lest you don’t get in. So, you tell yourself that it’s all right if you don’t get in, there are other options, everything happens for a reason. It’s this constant struggle between being optimistic and being realistic. Striking a balance between the two is difficult but necessary.

I never thought I’d learn important lessons like this even before going to college.

PS: Typing this while sitting in my dream college. 😀


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