When You Need A Muse.

“Why write about anything else when there’s love and heartbreak?” – Wise words I once heard in a conversation with fellow writers.

There is nothing else more clichéd but beautifully fulfilling than writing about love and heartbreak. It’s personal, it oozes brutal truth and it is relatable for the audience. More often than not, it’s also a way to process feelings and situations.

This makes me wonder if we writers fall in love just to be inspired to write, to turn the plain, imperfect creatures of our fancy into Romeos and Juliets and to romanticize the whole experience. We dance over the words, ending each sentence with a semi-colon because there’s always room for more. There is always another metaphor for the way they make us feel and holding on to that sensation is important – it drives our art. We thrive in their love, pain, chase, agony, beauty and bleeding.

So, what do you do when you have a writing block? Do you force yourself to fall in love, merely to acquire a muse?


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