Stop Romanticizing Depression.

It’s NOT okay to not be okay.

We’re in an age where depression is extremely romanticized. Being happy and satisfied with life is no longer “in,” because depression is the new black. We’re in a culture where self-harm is idolized, suicide is the only way to end pain and mental conditions are supposed to be attractive. But just because so many celebrities are in depression, does not mean it’s cool.

At times, mere sadness is equated with depression. Depression is not sadness; it is profound sadness (along with a few other symptoms.) This is why it is not all right to be messed up. And it definitely should not be used as a way to gain sympathy.

Instead of embracing beauty in sadness, we need to find romance in empowerment. Victimization should not be a coping mechanism.

To clear out some myths, here are the facts. Depression does not imply that someone is crazy. Depression is a mood disorder. Mood disorders are usually treated by psychologists, not psychiatrists. (These are different professions.) And couch therapy (as shown in most movies and TV series) is not the only therapy employed to treat depression.

So, yes, it can be treated. If you are someone or know someone who is experiencing symptoms related to depression, please seek professional help. It’s all right if you don’t know its cause and if nobody else gets it. Your mental well-being should be your priority.

Depression does not have to be a battle you fight on your own. It does not have to be the way of your life. It does not have to be your identity.


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