Together, We Fight.

The following is a poem co-written by Abhinav Srivastava and yours truly. Abhinav can be reached here and here.

We fight the million milestones between us,
We fight the lengths of time and land.
We fight our hearts being in different cities,
We fight the people who call our love bland.

We fight the dead-end, dark possibilities,
We fight the calls missed in time-lapse.
We fight the typical taking for granted,
We fight the time zones on these maps.

We fight the screen that we see each other on,
We fight the lack of embraces and kisses.
We fight the friction and that heavy tension,
We fight opinions of what our love misses.

We fight because we aren’t defined by distance,
We fight for this love that won’t happen so often.
We fight because we know we aren’t ideal,
But we’re real and our love won’t be forgotten.

We fight the shadows of trees at night,
We fight the dark shades of the moon,
We fight the light at the start of the tunnel,
Wherein you find me but I’m lost searching for you.


What are your thoughts?

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