Privileged Few

Being one of those typical Indian students, I was expected to decide my career stream at the age of 15. Science, Commerce or Humanities, I was asked everywhere I went. Of course, people subtly let me know which one of the three I should opt for, before telling me that at the end of the day, it’s my decision. Because apparently, “it’s my life”. Well, I did end up deciding.


I chose to study Humanities, a combination of subjects that would interest or haunt me for the next two years. It’s been only ten months and I think I’m already in love with what I’m studying. Psychology, Sociology, Economics, English Literature and Business Studies feel like the heaven of knowledge. They feel like my way to cope with reality.

However, I see my friends who opted for subjects that lie far from their interests. I see the society pressuring them to opt for what looks better on their CV, than what makes their heart sing. I see most of them crumbling under the pressure of learning what they don’t wish to.

Here I am, one of the privileged few. I feel grateful for making the right choice. I wish the same opportunity could be given to more people.


What are your thoughts?

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