Decisions. Feelings. Decisions.

I’m not normal. I’ve known that since like, 15 years now. No, I’m not a vampire or a fairy or a mermaid. I’m someone who just doesn’t think normally, act normally and definitely doesn’t feel normally. But this, this is not even an abnormal feeling. I think it’s a bit like the transition between a child and an adult.
What I’m experiencing right now, it’s strange feeling. It’s kind of like my favourite thing in the world, chocolate, but a poisonous one. I get to eat that brown little edible thing I’ve been yearning for. I get to taste it’s tempting flavour as soon as it touches my tongue. I feel it melting in my mouth, knowing that it’s the last thing I’ll ever eat. The poison is entering my body. The end is near. But I sacrifice my life for something I love.
It’s like I’m hanging on a rope. I’m not ready to let go of the rope because there’s some kind of pit beneath. I’m trying not to look down but I steal a few glances and I can see that it’s deep enough. So, I choose to hold on to the rope with all my might, hoping someone comes to save me soon enough.
The only problem is the fact that the rope is covered with thorns. They are pricking me. I’m hurting my fingers as I grab it tightly, just because I can’t imagine falling down that pit. My fingers are starting to bleed. If I don’t give in right now, I might just bleed to death. 
Basically, it’s a decision with equal pros and cons. I choose the love but it comes with sacrifice. I choose the rope but it comes with the sharp thorns. What will you choose?

What are your thoughts?

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