Phases of Study.

My exams are just round the corner. These days, I spend the whole day drowning in the world of textbooks. This is a new feeling, considering that textbooks are my natural enemies. And whenever that happens, a series of events follows it. So, here, according to me, are the Phases of Study:

1. Take stroll around the room like a nomad, while trying to concentrate on the textbook, and discover things that you never knew existed in your very own bedroom.

2. Start feeling lazy, so choose to keep the book on the study table, sit down, make yourself cosy and comfortable and then read.

3. Sit on the bed while reading the book. This will be more comfortable. Throw in a rug, or quilt and feel as snug as a bug in the rug.

4. Lie down, sink in the pillow and read. This will also help you understand why the Titanic sank in the ocean.

5. Look up at the fan rotating above. It looks more interesting than the book. Calculate the velocity of the fan accurately to the 7th decimal point before realising that the Velocity is zero.

6. Start feeling drowsy. Drink something cold to keep yourself awake.

7. Give up on studying and go to sleep. Sleep with the book below your pillow hoping to adsorb knowledge.

This post was co-written by Srikanth Ramakrishnan (Sometimes known by the same name) and me. Srikanth can be reached on


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