September Day.

Walking down the steps and searching for that face,
My eyes twinkle upon seeing that familiar smile in an unfamiliar place,
I walk towards him as I notice his hair shining in the sunlight,
Trying to look calm while my brain and heart pick up a fight.

“You’ve never done this before, this is all new”,
 my brain says,
But the heart knows that it was bound to happen one of these days,
Seeing no chance of success, the brain loses all it’s control,
The winner ensures that my body takes part in this irrationally as a whole.

All this time he’s been doing the talking as we walk down the street,
I wonder if he’s noticed the connection, the attraction, the sparks of heat,
My stomach is tightening, my feet shivering and my cheeks are glowing,
My body is experiencing a rush of adrenaline with a tinge of nervousness flowing.

Our fingers brush past each other, sending me into fits of confusion,
Does he really feel the way I feel, or is this an illusion?
He seems to be listening to my thoughts because he puts his arm around me,
I look into his dark eyes and end up believing that we’re meant to be.

I tune out all other sounds, only the melody of his voice fills my ears,
Hope he does not belong to someone else, my heart fears,
Well, he is too good to be true but I have been kept waiting for long,
Maybe I do deserve him, this time my desire is strong.

By now we reach the café and he’s the one to open the door,
Seems like he’s a true gentleman, something to die for,
But why care about ends? This is the start of something new,
It’s a blind shot at sharing something everlasting, something true.

With shy smiles spreading over our faces we share a coffee together,
But what was better was the touch we shared, light as feather,
He unlocked me out of a cage as he peeled away the walls I made,
He doesn’t know that by letting him do that, I’m breaking the rules I laid.

Exactly a year later, I’m at the same café, sipping on the same coffee,
But this time the whole place is abnormally quiet because it’s just me,
It’s a changed world now where there’s nothing to cherish anymore,
There’s no shinning hair, no melodious voice, there’s no one to open the door.

All that keeps me going is the hope that I see my beloved’s sight,
Because this love is multiplying by the day and getting painful by the night,
If only he could read my mind, he’d know about the things I can’t directly say,
He’d see what it’s like for me to be living this tragic September day.

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