In My Dream.

I never thought that anyone was perfect
But that was before the day we met,
Perfect face, perfect smile, perfect hair
And the perfect eyes that I just want to stare.

When you talk to me, I freak out
And then you ask me what that was about,
I start stammering, unable to speak
A touch from you and I go weak.

I close my eyes to see you standing right there
But then blink twice to see you around nowhere,
Wondering which fairyland had I been to
The fairyland has made me crazy about you.

Slowly you creep out of your hiding place
You creep into my mind and I drown in your craze,
I’m still fantasizing, another time when I’m all red
I’m smiling in my sleep, I forget my dread.

Suddenly I wake up from my sleep
Its midnight and I hear a beep,
It’s a text from you, you say hi
My heart smiles and I instantly reply.

The blood in my veins is rushing fast
It’s a deep feeling that will forever last,
Unable to believe, I blink my eyes
Finally someone has answered my cries.

My deep thinking is interrupted by your call
I’m tied in knots afraid to fall,
I pick up the phone and get carried along
Now I’m in a land where nothing is wrong.

I’m full of life when I’m talking to you
It’s great to know that you feel the same too,
There’s so much to say, so little time
Should I say it all, I can’t make up my mind.

It’s raining outside, a pleasant weather
I’m talking to you, happier than ever,
I feel the rain drops on my palm
My heart is pounding but I’m still calm.

With the calm, I’m transferred away
Away with you where everything is okay,
It’s just the right time, Right place
Where I’d spend eternity instead of just days.

After sometime I hang up the phone
Switch off the lights and I’m all alone,
Now I’m in another world, completely lost
I’m trying to sleep surrounded by your thoughts.

I’m still not sure, if this is all true
I could be imagining things between me and you,
But then again, it really doesn’t seem
That Cupid could hit me even in my dream.


What are your thoughts?

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