Lonely Girl.

Lonely girl

Sitting on the window sill, she peeked out to see the world covered in the pouring rain. Everyone gladly letting the rainwater trickle down their sleek bodies. She, on the other hand was feeling the complete opposite of what they were experiencing. A throbbing pain in the chest, a lump in her throat and a churning sensation in her stomach. She opened the window, letting the cool rainwater mingle with the hot tears rolling down her face. Suffocation. Exhaustion. Fragmentation. Dehydration. She let out a sigh. The tears suggested that she had lost the battle.

All this while she had been trying to control her tears, but her emotions got the better of her. They were pent-up, and finally found a way out. This was the last straw. She was broken like a piece of glass. Undesired like a shrivelled piece of wood. Solitary like a haunted house. Tears flooding down her sweet face, blurring the images outside the window.Β  They were the final warning. She had to let him know the truth. She knew she couldn’t suppress it anymore. She couldn’t bottle up her feelings now. She couldn’t let him go, again. But she feared she already had.

She got out of the house, regardless of the strong gust of wind that was her enemy. She entered the world of the rain, knowing that an umbrella was not needed. The rain made no difference to her face, it was already wet due to her tears. She could feel the heat radiating from her body and the burning sensation as soon as the water touched it. It was like sprinkling salt on a wound. Slowly, her body felt the rain drops, as though it was soaking it like thirsty plants. She looked around and shed a drop of tear again. A strange feeling enveloped her.

It was the same street. The same street she hated the sight of. The same street she had been trying to avoid. The same street she had been running away from. But now it all came back to her.

She would walk on the street every day with him. It was the street where they had once walked hand in hand, and made promises. Who knew she wouldn’t have the assurance of that hand anymore? Who knew those promises were never meant to last? She was left to be all by herself. His face revolving around in her mind. Her head was aching.

She slipped her hand in her pocket and took out a ring. It was given to her by him. All this time she had been trying to get away from it, hoping she’d forget him soon enough. She couldn’t. Not wearing the ring signified the fact that she wasn’t his anymore, and that he wasn’t hers. She wore the ring anyway. She didn’t care if he didn’t love her anymore. She was his forever.

She was a lonely girl. Just lonely no more.


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