White Lie.

You aren’t there to put your arms around me
This guilt inside is killing me gently
Something is missing, there’s a void, a space
I’m confused and lost in this complicated maze.

I know I hurt you a lot, I was so wrong
I was the one who deceived you all along
But now I’m asking you to forgive and forget
Because losing you is like taking in a bullet.

I know you were trampled and stepped on
I was the reason why you had gone
It was me who had shut the door on your face
But without you now, I feel so out of place.

I lied to you, it was my slow attack
But now I’d give anything to have you back
Because now I can see things turning upside down
This time it’s you who’s not around.

It took me two whole years to realize my mistake
But I’ve finally found myself for your sake
I’m trying to go on but I’ve got one foot in the past
Still waiting for you to come back to me at last.

If only I knew things would never be the same
I would’ve tried but that day never came
I apologize, I’m sorry for everything
I’m sorry that I let our love lose its zing.

But now I know, you were right
I had gone away leaving you alone that night
Just know honey, now I won’t commit that crime
I won’t give up my love for you this time.

Just remember me once; I’ll do whatever you say
Anything to make up for that horrible betray
I’ll come wherever you want, just give me a call
I only wanna hear three words from you, that’ll say it all.

But if you still don’t believe me, I understand
You’re slipping through my fingers just like sand
Its okay if you don’t trust me, I’m perfectly fine
I’ve been untrue a lot to be genuine this time.

But if ever my thought crosses your mind
I’m always here; I’ll be wherever you find
I’ll always care for you; I’ll give a thousand reasons why
Remember those untruths were all a white lie.


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