Lying to Yourself.

Once upon a time, my hair was always a mess, I didn’t wear makeup, branded clothes didn’t really matter, high heels were a big NO, people didn’t starve themselves to look beautiful, pink wasn’t over-exaggerated.

Lying to yourself
Lying to yourself

Why do people always try to fit in? I wish they would just be themselves and not pretend to be someone cooler than they really are. Why would you want to be a “wannabe” and be a part of those popular groups in school? Why do you want to attract more than necessary attention to yourself? People just don’t wish to be in the background anymore. Maybe people are just way too insecure than is good. Do you get some kind of relief when you get complimented for your size zero figure? What most people don’t understand is that, you’re losing your own identity. Giving yourself away like that, it’s not worth what you’re getting in return. All you become is someone with too much attitude, and rude behaviour. But you’ll always, in your heart be that one person who isn’t confident about herself and needs others to make her feel good about herself. Is that really right? Ask yourself.

As I am in my teenage years, I see how everybody is constantly in under this pressure of trying to show off, and act cool. Some time back, I couldn’t wait to be a teen but I didn’t agree to a life like this. Sometimes I wish I could get a refund.


6 thoughts on “Lying to Yourself.

  1. :-)>
    I have often wondered about the high-heeled shoes though. Why would someone go through the pain of balancing on that ladders? Saw a picture somewhere showing how those heels could put your backbone’s future in jeopardy… don’t know if its’ true. 🙂


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