Change is unavoidable?

In life, there are a few milestones, which mark the way your life is going to turn out to be. They shape the path that you’re gonna walk on and create your destiny so that in the end, it’s all meant to be. Some incidences change the person that you see in the mirror, helping you alter who you were and realize your identity. Sometimes, it adds to your advantage, but at times it becomes something you repent.

I’ve had such incidences in my life too. There was a time when I used to be the shy, immature and silly girl who could pass you unnoticed. I have nothing but these incidences and the people related to them to blame. Yes, I changed. They say that change is inevitable. But I really can’t help but wonder, was it really unavoidable in my case? I didn’t have to change. I didn’t have to become what I am today, an alien to myself. I might have evolved to become a person more close to having adult-like qualities (also because I’ve been told that a lot) but I miss my innocence and ignorance. I miss being a kid, or at least thinking like one. My whole perception of the way I looked at things changed. Once again, I ask myself, is change really unavoidable? I guess not. Was is for the best? Time will tell.


What are your thoughts?

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