Hey folks. πŸ™‚

This is my first entry on here. The reason I considered blogging is so I could vent out my thoughts and this helps me do just that. I have, in the past few months noticed that I don’t trust people with my emotions. Maybe because I trust this more and I can always refer to this again in my life or maybe because people are just too busy for me. Besides, I don’t really need any advice from anyone. I just need them to listen and NOT tell me that I am over-thinking or over-planning. So.. Here I am!

Anyways, I’m not gonna bore you with my problems in my first blog post itself. My first blog post is about just ME. No one else. In the coming blog posts, you might observe that it will be about people around me and how they affect me, or how I have impacted their lives. But not this one. Nah. This one is dedicated to that one person I know I can always rely on – Me.

I have been alive in this world for 14 years and 7 months. You might think I’m a bit too young. But somehow I feel I’m more mature than most of the other people of my age. I blame this on two things: Everything that I have gone through, in the past few months (I’ll elaborate later) and some of the other people who I interact with, who are older to me. I have found that I usually tend to click with elder people, than people my age or younger. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of older friends.

Well, here’s a little something about me: I am officially in love with chocolates. Music is my life, my world and there is nothing that can cheer me up like music does. I play basketball and I’m on my school team though I’m not a very experienced player. I love to read and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series are my favourite. I also write poems, love poems actually which are usually based on something, or someone. I want to become a physiotherapist and hopefully, I will become one by the time I’m 23.

My favourite colour is red and that is because, red is the colour ofΒ dangerΒ and the colour of love. Somehow both of them are interlinked to me in a way which even I don’t understand. I love using exclamation marks, and emoticons. That’s because it makes the things that I wanna say, seem more.. Natural. I am a Scorpio, and just like most Scorpios, I’m very stubborn. Yes, I can be flexible but nobody else has a control over me, or what I do.

I live in Mumbai, one of the most important and urban cities of India. I live with my family. I was born here, but I’ve spent the first few years of my life in Dubai. I don’t really remember much about my Dubai life, but honestly, that doesn’t even matter. I totally LOVE Mumbai. Yes, it might not be the greatest city in the world, but it is MY city.

My life is not the way I thought it would be. But you know what? I’m content. That’s what I care about. The past couple months of my life has been filled with only one thing – My FRIENDS. My pillars of strength, my diamonds in the rough, my friends have been the one constant support in my life and I owe them a lot because not everybody is always there for you in your difficult times and times when you need someone the most.

PS: After reading this WHOLE thing if you haven’t already slept, hats off to you! The fact that you took some time off to read something about me and get to know me, shows that you really care. So, thank you so much. I’d like to get to know you too, so if you like my blog, kindly leave comments and contact me. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Meee!

  1. I have a very good feeling your future posts are going to be interesting to read. You really know how to describe yourself, which is something I find very difficult to write about. You’re right, the best person you can depend on is yourself. Amazing first post! I live in Dubai currently, and I’m looking forward to reading your next posts! Welcome to WordPress!


    • OMG. My first official comment. Ha! πŸ˜€ Anyway, thank you so much. It’s great to know that there are still people out there who don’t mind you ranting about your very average life. Just kidding. And I look forward to your posts too. πŸ™‚


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