Dates that are highlights of the week
Kisses that taste of unkept promises
Batman hoodies that still smell of you.

Infinity signs traced on bare skins
Desire that wobbled like a seesaw
Streets that weren’t dark enough to walk.

Necessary pleasantness
Kisses that taste of old lullabies
Scented candles that are blown off like me.

Extinguishing Fires

“Maybe someday we’ll be together.”

What a lie.
I broke you and you broke me.
We need to fix ourselves now
instead of wishful thinking.

Let’s not break up over external reasons
It’s us.
We are why we’re ending.
Let’s move on
without wondering whether it’s the right time to get back together.

Let me look back at us with fond memories
instead of remembering the painful months/years I spent chasing you.
I don’t want to stop myself
from pursuing new people anymore
in the cursed name of monogamy
wondering if you still love me.

I don’t want my belief in soul mates
to blind me
so I don’t let new people into my life.
Maybe you are my soul mate,
the kind that revealed my layers
but doesn’t overstay his welcome.

I fall in love ruthlessly
I let go cruelly
I am the permeable membrane
but I refuse to merge with you.

Let me breathe
Forget about rekindling fires
Remember how to close chapters.

Moving Out/On

One day, you will leave.

You have roots
but you also have wings.
Home is all the different places
your heart occupies.

Bills will pile up,
the cost of leaving.
Goodbyes and home food cravings,
the cost of limitless freedom.

Lines between family and friends blur
as you find yourself
being “invited” to dine with your parents.
But one of the pillows on your friend’s bed
has been designated as yours.